See the winning photos for 2024 featured in our annual Wyoming Wildlife photo contest slideshow in the video below.

The Wyoming Wildlife Calendar photo contest allows each photographer to submit a maximum of 10 photos to the contest website. There is a 9 MB maximum file size limit.

You can buy this year's calendar at this link or find it in local stores.

The Wyoming Outdoor Council is an organization that operates statewide.

Each year they currate a calendar to tell a story about our Wyoming home.

The tradition of the calendar continues in 2024.

Now is a good time to start taking photos for the 2025 calendar.

Watch the video below to see what photos made it into the 2024 calendar.

They coupled photographers and prizes as well as the chance to be featured in an exhibition at the Cheyenne Creativity Center which was on display last fall.

All photographers who are featured in the calendar received a cash prize and had their photographs printed and hung in an exhibit that ran through November 2023.

Honorable mentions had their photos hung in the exhibit as well.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department asks that all submissions feature wildlife photographed in Wyoming. This can include anything that moves, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and arthropods.

All photographs must follow ethical photography guidelines. “This means keeping your distance, respecting animals and habitat, no trespassing and not stopping in areas where it is unsafe or illegal to do so,” the WGFD says.

Calendar winners will receive their photo printed in the 2024 Wyoming Wildlife calendar, printed in the November 2023 issue of the magazine, a $100 prize, and a 12-by-18-inch matte print.

The cover photo winner received a $50 prize in 2024 for their photo selected for the calendar cover, in addition to the prize for the month selection.

Hoping to make it on next year's calendar? The deadline for 2025 is midnight on June 12.

Submit your entries at this link.

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