There is no denying that Wyoming's beer game is STRONG. There's also no denying that Wyoming's conservation game is STRONG. When you put the two together, it raises the game of both.

The Mule Deer Foundation of Wyoming has partnered with WyOld West Brewing Company in Powell & Cody, WY, to release a new brewski on the market. The German Pilsner Beer is brewed in Wyoming and uses Wyoming ingredients in the brewing process.

Since the beer is specially brewed, and part of the proceeds will benefit mule deer around Wyoming, it's a limited edition beer. This means you will only be able to get it while supplies last.

According to MDF Regional Director Shawn Blajszczak's recent interview on Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors, the beer is well received.

It's actually been one of their number-one sellers up here in Powell and Cody, and strictly by flavor. So, it's a great beer, so, I think everyone will enjoy it. The nice thing is that everytime you drink one, WyOld West is donating a significant portion to us.

Blajszczak also said WyOld West worked with companies to underwrite some of the ingredients, making it cheaper for them to brew and more money for the Mule Deer Foundation. The plan is to continue making the beer as long as people keep buying and drinking it.

Last year, the Mule Deer Foundation was a driving organization in many conservation and habitat improvement programs. The money raised from the beer will return to the organization's 2024 efforts.

There are several places in Casper where you can pick up the beer.

Paradise Valley Liquors

Wyoming Discount Liquors LLC

CY Discount Liquors

MV Discount Liquors

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