If you have an Amazon smart speaker, you've had one of these experiences.

Experience #1

You're sitting with your family, enjoying a TV show or a movie, and suddenly, the name "Alexa" is said. At that point, every Amazon device you have in the house wakes up, and it becomes a chaotic mess. Especially if what you are watching is spooky.

Experience #2

The family is working together to make dinner when you're looking for help with a recipe. So you say, "Alexa, what ingredients go into meatloaf?". The problem is that you've said the wake word "Alexa" a little too loud, and EVERY device you have started answering you simultaneously.

Never fear; from here on out, you won't have that problem again. You can change the wake word on your Amazon devices in your Amazon app. You can give each of them a different name if you have multiple echoes and end the frustration.

Wyomingites Need To Know How To Change Alexa's Name

There is a little bit of an issue, though. There are limited wake words you can give them.

  • You can stick with Alexa.
  • Go with the generic word Amazon.
  • Switch the word to computer.
  • Call your device echo.
  • Or, my favorite, your Amazon device wake word can be Ziggy.

One of the most popular girl names in Wyoming before 2014 was Alexis. Can you guess what year the first 'Alexa' was introduced? Yep, you guessed it, 2014. The name hasn't been in the top 10 ever since.

So, if your daughter's name is Alexis, or you've always loved that name and didn't want to burden your child, this will be a great relief. Now, whenever you're yelling for her to come to dinner, you don't have to whisper her name to avoid waking up your echo.

I assume you'll eventually be able to pick from a longer list of wake words, but these will have to do for now. If you're ready to change that name, it's a simple process.

The 8 Easy Steps To Change Your Amazon Wake Word

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