Officials with the Caper Police Department say motorists can expect increased patrols and stricter enforcement in school zones throughout the city of Casper starting Monday.

Sgt. Pete Abrams, who's with the Casper Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit, says enhanced enforcement in city school zones is not something that’s important to just the newly-minted Traffic Enforcement Unit.

This is a more focused, department-wide effort," Abrams said. "The reason why we do these things is that we want to prevent collisions, we want to lower speeds, we want to raise awareness, but ultimately, what we're out there to do is change driver behavior."

Abrams says it's important for drivers to act responsibly when driving within a school zone.

The reason why we keep these speeds low is to shorten the stopping distances," Abrams said. "The reason why we have school zones is to protect those kids so that, if one of them does dart out into the street unexpectedly, the aware motorist has the time at those speeds to stop."

Abrams says there will not be a corresponding increase in the fine schedule for city school zone traffic violations. Abrams also says, however, that drivers can continue to expect double-fines for traffic violations within school zones during the enhanced enforcement period.