We all know one or two... or a lot, of people that might sip a little cider around the holidays. There's the Christmas Spirit, and "holiday spirits". If you are going to drink it up, do it with some style.

Pulling a half pint of "Hot Damn" or "Peppermint Schnapps" out of your pocket is not as cool, as you would think... but whip out some 18-year-old scotch whiskey, and you are "cultured".

Check out the Dewar's & Freemans Sporting Club Pack... $150.


(Sure it's cool, however we need to point out that this kit is made to strap to the handlebars of a bike. That makes me think that you have taken your drinking to the point of "no drivers license".  I also notice from the pics at the website, it comes with a cool flask, but there is a shaving kit in there too... So if cruising around on a Huffy, sipping $150 scotch whiskey, while shaving your face is your thing... this is perfect.)