Healthy Natrona County -- a Natrona County Health Coalition Initiative-- is reminding Natrona County residents to practice safe and responsible consumption during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

"With such a vibrant, lively, and fun local event scene, Casper is a great place to enjoy yearly March festivities. To help keep the community thriving, Healthy Natrona County emphasizes the importance of drinking responsibly on St. Patrick’s Day and every day.

"With so many choices for local breweries and drinking establishments, it can be easy to always have just one more drink. What’s important is to hold yourself accountable and know your personal drinking limits. This allows you and your friends to continue to have a fun and safe experiences when out enjoying the celebrations.

"Knowing your alcohol limit is beneficial for your health and safety, it eliminates the risk of drunk driving or consuming too much that your health and safety is affected. Healthy Natrona County aims to support a community that supports itself and others. To do this, they offer three tips on drinking responsibly:

Plan a ride ahead of time.

Before heading out, have a ride to get home planned out.

Set a designated driver, have someone ready to pick you up, or use a service such as Safe Ride, Uber, Lyft, or Casper Cabs.

It’s important to know how you’re going to get home before you begin drinking.

Take time to drink smart, be sure to eat food and drink water.Drinking on an empty stomach can only exacerbate the effects of alcohol. Protein is the most important food group to eat while drinking, due to the way your body breaks down the alcohol and food, so have some corned beef with your beer this St. Paddy’s Day. With so many great food and dining options in Casper, there’s no reason not to grab a bite with your booze. Additionally, always have a glass of water in between drinks or paired with your drink.

Know your limit.Take time to consider how much you should drink tonight. Smart consumption starts with knowing your limit and holding yourself accountable. Limits vary from person to person based on individualized factors including your weight, height, muscle mass and gender. Only you know your individual limits, drinking impairs decision making so it’s important to know and stick to your personal limit.

Resources for drinking responsibly can be found on the Healthy Natrona County website at Casper has become a mecca of entertainment and cultural enrichment offerings; Healthy Natrona County believes these amenities should be enjoyed in a way that everyone feels safe. Enjoying St. Patrick’s Day festivities is better when everyone knows their limits and practices responsible drinking."

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