If you're looking for a scary adventure this Halloween season, you might check out the Haunted Fort Tours at Fort Caspar. "We're working with the Casper area Paranormal Seekers, so this is a ghost hunting experience," says Fort Caspar Museum Director Rick Young. "It's an hour-long tour, you get to get into the fort buildings and see if we can find any activity."  He says you might want to bring along your own ghost-hunting equipment such as flashlights, cameras, and voice recorders. "This is not going to be a haunted house with people jumping out and scaring you, but that kind of ghost hunting equipment, we'll have some on hand here but certainly if you're taking the tour you're encouraged to bring your own."  He says it's an outdoor tour, so you should dress warmly, and leave the kids under eight years old at home because it can be scary. "Tourists come up to me and tell me, 'this happened, and this happened,' and often it's the same story, different years," Young says. The hour-long Ghost Tours are this Friday and Saturdays, October 21st and 22nd, and 28th and 29th. Tickets are six dollars and Young says sales are brisk. You can get tickets at the Fort Casper Museum or call (307) 235-8462.

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