"Growing good humans" is Park Elementary School's motto, and thanks to their new greenhouse, that's not the only thing they'll be growing.

The school celebrated with a ribbon garden-hose cutting complete with pruning shears.

The greenhouse has been in the works for two years, says Principal Emily Cattelier. It's the third of its kind, but with a unique emphasis on the community.

"We want it to be a community space for sure, it's not exclusively used by our students, but a little more far reaching in terms of collaboration and community orientations."

The new space will give students a chance to get their hands dirty and learn by doing rather than reading a textbook--Cattelier says teachers have already planned curriculum in science, math, art, and music that will utilize the greenhouse.

Jesse miller, President of the Casper Community Greenhouse Project told attendees:

"Our goal is to build these experiential resources, not only for the students but the teachers to be able to apply their subjects in a way that really impacts their students, and--particularly from our standpoint--to improve health as a community. I'm really happy that the Park community came together to build this greenhouse."

Second graders Hannah, 7, and Kade, 8, were all smiles as they explained that they are a part of the Garden Club. Both are especially looking forward to planting things and getting to eat them later. "My favorite food is actually broccoli," beamed Hannah. Kade says he's hopeful to plant watermelons and strawberries.

Check out photos from the event below!

Park Elementary School Greenhouse Ribbon Cutting

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