Broadband analysts are asking Wyoming residents to take part in a statewide mobile internet coverage and performance study.

LinkWYOMING, which bills itself as a mobile analytics firm, is asking residents to install its LinkWYOMING Mobile Test application on their smartphones and tablets. The app will assess regional connection speeds and performance.

After the study wraps up, the group will then aim to find areas where additional infrastructure may be needed.

Mary Randolph, the director of the Wyoming Rural Development Council, says statewide wireless broadband will play an important role in Wyoming’s future.

“It provides opportunities to bring new businesses into the state and it provides opportunities for entrepreneurs,” Randolph said. “It’s also important for businesses to understand how they can use broadband.”

Randolph says the study will continue through the end of the year.

LinkWYOMING says the free app will consume about 100 megabytes of anonymously-collected data each month. The app will take up 1.5 megabytes of storage space.

The app can be obtained through iTunes and Google Play. You can find download links at LinkWYOMING’s website.