Grizzly bear moms and cubs are out and about in Grand Teton National Park.

"We have two female Grizzly bears that are out and very close to park roads and causing a lot of excitement and a lot of interest."

Grand Teton Spokesperson Jackie Skaggs says, "One is 399 are poster child grizzly bear mom from a few years ago. She actually came out in 2006 with three cubs. She raised those cubs to adulthood. She's out again this year with three brand new cubs, so she's got triplets again."

Skaggs says 399, a number given by researchers, has been seen along roads near Colter Bay and around Leeks Marina with her little ones in tow.  She became famous for raising her cubs within sight of tourists in the park. The recent sightings of 15 year old mom grizzly 399, come after one of her 2006 cubs was spotted last week with two cubs of her own.

"610 is the number of that daughter, she's out with two cubs so we have a lot of charismatic wild life viewing going on in the park right now."

Daughter and mom grizzly became famous as mom raised and weaned her cubs along the roadside in view for thousands of park visitors between 2006 and 2008.