A critic of the Interior Department characterized their policies as dangerously schizophrenic in an interview last week. Jeremy Nichols, climate and energy program director with WildEarth Guardians, says that despite the nation's reliance on coal for electrical energy, coal has no place in a clean energy future because of global climate change.

Mr. Nichols says the billions of dollars invested in clean-coal technologies, including carbon capture and sequestration, haven't produced anything, and would have been put to much better use in renewable energies, which is why he finds the Interior Department's recent sale of coal leases from the Powder River Basin so exasperating.

Coal leases push coal decades into future:

"That's not only confusing, that's dangerously schizophrenic, and that seems to be the theme here with the Obama administration, where they definitely, they'll admit that climate change is happening and that it's a problem, but as far as enumerating the solutions to it, they stop short of calling for any significant shift away from fossil fuels. It's almost like they expect it to just happen on its own, but things don't happen on their own. Leaders make things happen, and we don't see a lot of leadership when it comes to confronting global warming."

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