Two new positive COVID-19 cases, plus three previously confirmed cases, have been traced to The Studio salon in Casper, according to the Casper-Natrona County Health Department.

The two new cases reported Monday brings the total to 65 in Natrona County.

The health department said the new cases are a female and a male in their 50s whose exposure is believed to be connected to contact with positive cases.

It has been working with the salon to identify potential exposures to confirmed positive cases and conducting contact tracing.

However, it may not have been able to reach all individuals or possible exposures.

At the guidance of the Wyoming Department of Health, the city-county health department asked for names of people in contact with positive cases associated with The Studio from May 19-28.

So far, the health department hasn't been able to determine how COVID-19 was introduced into The Studio.

These types of far-reaching community exposures look different in terms of contact tracing.

When a positive case is identified, the health department begins contact tracing, starting with an interview with the confirmed case who identifies household contacts who they contacted during their identified contagious period.

The health department also contacts whose who are not members of that household.

Confirmed-case contacts are required to quarantine 14 days from the last exposure or contact with the positive case. These contacts will be able to receive testing after they meet the minimum timeline for incubation.

However, a negative test result for these confirmed contacts does not change the quarantine length because the incubation period for COVID-19 is 14 days. So a negative test will not eliminate the possibility of developing the illness.

A confirmed contact is the only person required to quarantine unless they become symptomatic or test positive.

Since the confirmed contact’s household members or other contacts are merely contacts of a contact, they are not required to quarantine. If the confirmed contact develops symptoms or if they test positive, then the health department begins the same contact tracing procedure for their contacts.

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