The first of four Cheyenne Frontier Days Grand Parades will be held in downtown Cheyenne on Saturday morning (July 22).

The parade route is shown below. The first CFD "parades were mostly wild and woolly gallops through town by rowdy cowboys on wild broncos rather than the organized, well-planned, processions enjoyed by modern spectators (according to the Cheyenne Frontier Days website).  The cowboys often used windows for target practice and introduced themselves to pretty girls by lassoing them

The only exceptions were a parade in 1898 honoring Buffalo Bill and a 1910 event for President Theodore Roosevelt. But in 1925 a pageant around the theme of "The Evolution of Transportation" was organized.

The following year, the first-ever parade featuring floats that would last was launched, according to the website.

Saturday's parade will start at 9 a.m. in front of the Wyoming Capitol Building, following the route below.

Additional parades will be held on July 25, 27, and 29, at the same time and following the same route.




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