Early voting continues until 5pm on Monday afternoon and Natrona County Clerk, Renee Vitto describes it as a perfect option for busy people, "I have my employees vote early cause I need them all on election day."

This year's turnout for early voting compares with 2008, when, Vitto says, there were 6888 early ballots. She says its gotten more popular in recent years, which she attributes to greater voter awareness. Once they realize they don't need an excuse to do it they start to ask questions.

"People are aware. They've found out that it's so much easier. We have a lot of that, where people have those types of jobs, and it's just one of those great options. You're able to get it out of the way."

If you decide to beat the rush, booths are set up in the hallway in front of the election division in the Old Natrona County Courthouse. You'll need identification if you are not already registered.