E4 Zachary Matteau

Army Cook


United States Army

Zachary Matteau graduated from Kelly Walsh High School in 2007 and entered the military in August 2011. He is the son of Wendy Matteau. After completing boot camp in Ft. Benning, GA and A.I.T. In Ft. Lee, Virginia he was stationed in Germany. Zachary has served as a cook in Germany for the past 17 months. Zachary was named Cook of the Quarter in March 2013 which required him to be nominated by a superior officer, meet before a board of high ranking officers, a physical fitness test and finally making a a gourmet meal out of an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). In addition to this great accomplishment Zachary has attained the rank of E-4 specialist in less than 2 years of military service. Zachary will continue to serve our country in Germany until April 2014. A modest young man Zachary would never admit his accomplishments and in the true spirit of a soldier simply believes he is doing his job.

Nominated by Ron Roth

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