A Wyoming Highway Patrol car was totaled Friday night in Jackson, with the trooper narrowly escaping injury.Wyoming Highway Patrol Sgt. Stephen Townsend says the incident began when the trooper noticed a bicyclist towing two skateboarders on US 89. The trooper activated his lights and parked on the side of the road.

Bicycle towing skateboarders:

"Person on a bicycle pulling two other individuals on skateboards with a rope, so he stopped them because they were right in the middle of the southbound lane on US 89. He had opened his door, gotten out of his car, and noticed a vehicle approaching at a high speed coming up behind him, and was just able to jump over his car as his patrol car was hit from behind."

The driver was Clair Johnson, 37, of Jackson. Johnson was arrested for driving under the influence, no proof of insurance, careless driving and failure to obey Wyoming's move over law.

Mover over law for two lanes:

"Well on a two-lane road, if you are approaching a stopped emergency vehicle that has their lights on, you're to reduce your speed under 20 mph under what the posted speed limit is before you go by them."

Sgt. Townsend said it could've been a lot worse than losing a patrol car.

Collision may have prevented worse:

"If the trooper had not stopped these individuals and got them over to the side of the road very possibly this driver could've run over all three of them."