Attorneys for a Casper man convicted by a jury of four sex crimes, say the prosecution played dirty during the trial and the case should start over in court.

His attorney's have filed a motion for either a new trial or for the court to reconsider a motion for a mistrial.

One of their arguments is that during the trial, the prosecution asked one of Triplett's family members if there had been other accusations of Triplett inappropriately touching other people, to which the question was answered with a yes.

The defense claims this was a prejudical attack on Triplett's character, leaving the jury to speculate on propensity evidence (he did it once, so he probably did it again).

The other claim is that the prosecution committed misconduct leaving the impression that Triplett was hiding information from the jury.

The defense also says there was no physical evidence or DNA against Triplett, plus the lead detective in the case testified that police did nothing to look for and identify the innocence of the accused.

Natrona County District Court Judge Catherine Wilking will rule on the new trial/mistrial motion at a later date.