According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation several roads in and around Casper are moderately to highly dangerous.

Impacts are high between Waltman and Casper and between WY 487 and Casper.

Impacts are moderate on:

  • Casper Service Road
  • I-25 / US 87, US 20/26
  • US 20 / 26 / 87
  • WY 251
  • Between Mills and Evansville

The site says to use extreme caution, stay alert for  changing road and weather conditions.

If travel is necessary, slow down and allow extra time.

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The National Weather Service forecasts snowfall this afternoon with a steady temperature around 28 degrees.

It is "blustery, with a northeast wind 13 to 15 mph with wind gusts as high as 22 mph."

The total daytime snow accumulation is predicted to be between 2 and 4 inches.

There's a chance of snow tonight with a low around 14 degrees.

The National Weather Service predicts a patchy fog tomorrow morning, but sunshine the rest of the day with a high near 37 degrees.

Heading into the weekend there will be a little bit of sunshine Saturday morning followed by a 40% chance of precipitation that evening. Those odds continue the next day with temps between 14 and 31 degrees.

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