Governor Gordon announced on Wednesday that all Wyoming residents, ages 16 and older, are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

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A release issued by the Governor’s office stated that all 23 counties in Wyoming have entered Phase 2 of the vaccine distribution plan and are scheduling appointments for the general population.

According to the release, Wyoming residents aged 16 and older are eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine, while adults 18 and older are eligible for the Pfizer, Moderna, and the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccines. The release emphasize that these vaccines are free and that insurance is not required to receive a vaccine.

So far, more than 162,000 individuals in Wyoming have, so far, received at least their first dose of the vaccine, taking into consideration state and special federal count combinations.

“We have done well and can now offer COVID-19 vaccines to every Wyoming resident over the age of 16,” Governor Gordon said. “I want to express my appreciation for the efforts of public health workers, health care providers and pharmacies throughout the state. I would encourage every resident to take advantage of the vaccines, as Jennie and I have, and help Wyoming move closer to ending this pandemic.”

Information on how to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in Wyoming can be found here. In addition to county public health offices and local healthcare providers, many pharmacies are now offering vaccination appointments through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program, including pharmacies at Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, Walgreens and King Soopers stores.

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While much is still unknown about the coronavirus and the future, what is known is that the currently available vaccines have gone through all three trial phases and are safe and effective. It will be necessary for as many Americans as possible to be vaccinated in order to finally return to some level of pre-pandemic normalcy, and hopefully these 30 answers provided here will help readers get vaccinated as soon they are able.

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