Weather concerns across the state will be very minimal today.  Expect sunny to mostly sunny skies, mainly dry weather conditions, and light to breezy winds.  Temperatures will be a touch cooler today due to a weak cool front that will be brushing by northern and eastern parts of the state.  Daytime highs will be in the 50's and 60's.  Winds will increase late tonight through Friday due to high pressure in the west and a cool front settled over eastern portions of the state.  Expect gusts as high as 35 mph across western Wyoming, while central and eastern portions of the state could see gusts between 40 and 50 mph.  Fog will also develop across southeastern Wyoming late tonight into early Friday morning, which could reduce visibility along I-25 (Colorado state line to Chugwater), I-80 (Nebraska state line to Laramie), and US 85 (Colorado state line to Torrington).  Otherwise, expect plenty of sunshine, mainly dry weather conditions, and seasonal temperatures throughout the state on Friday.