The history of the Bridle Trail, Garden Creek Falls and the surrounding area is getting a good going through as Natrona County officials deal with the possibility that parts of the popular trail could be closed. Land owners are fed up with abuse by some trail users and have threatened to close longtime easements.

At a meeting with county commissioners this week, Mike Haigler for the parks department says they hope to take steps to circumvent any closure.

"The direction I've been given is to set up a committee of appointed people and interested parties including property owners, as well as bike groups, walking groups and work through the process of mapping what easements are there and the potential for working out acquisition if we need to."

Haigler says the labyrinth of easements and access points developed over the years needs to be properly mapped and understood.

The conversation has brought forward another property owner, Michael Reed, who owns much of the land where the creek descends the mountain. He says he's had bad experiences as well, "people parking in my drive way and blocking the road and starting fires, rock climbing, multiple liability issues."

Reed says he'll take part in the committee and would like the area to remain open for public use, but remains cautious as to whether it can be done in a way that protects land owners against liability.

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