This Sunday on Report to Wyoming; An in depth look at the Climb Wyoming Program now in its 25th year.  Climb Wyoming serves single mothers by offering training in job skills that lead to employment and a living wage.

"As a woman and a mother everything that you do in life impacts everything else and Climb's hit it on the nail; with the emotional support, the mental health support, the parenting classes and the life skills, and the training."

Heather Jones is a graduate of Climb Wyoming's  CDL program, one of a number of job training options they offered. This Sunday on Report to Wyoming we’ll hear about the success of Climb and its expansion here in Casper as they continue to offer training, in both traditional, and non traditional job skills designed to lift single mothers out of poverty. That’s Sunday morning at 7:00am on all of our Townsquare Media stations and again at 9pm on AM 1030 KTWO.

follow this link for more information at the Climb Wyoming website.