For our most recent episode of Report to Wyoming,the District Supervisor of Natrona County's Weed and Pest Council, Matt Jolivet,  stops by the radio station to talk about what each of us can do to help fight invasive species in Natrona County.

This week has been designated for the national outreach campaign "Play, Clean, Go."

It's a week dedicated to educating people on the detrimental effects of invasive species, similar to the Game and Fish's "Clean, Drain, Dry" campaign, but for terrestrial territory.

Early on we talk about the seemingly-overwhelming cricket population in the tiny town of Edgerton before jumping into the bigger villains of summer: scotch thistle, Russian and spotted knapweed, prairie dogs, and grasshoppers.

"You don't have to be a landowner or a land manager to make a huge difference in our invasive species fight. When you're out recreating, running around the hills in a vehicle or even just in your shoes with your dog, understand that you can be moving species around from one place to another. It will pay big dividends if you can clean off your equipment before moving from one place to another" says Jolivet.

Listen to the full podcast here or on Spotify below.

CLICK HERE for a list of noxious weed and pests.

Wyoming Weed and Pest has been working to eradicate invasive species since 1973.

Wyoming Weed & Pest's Most Notorious Species

June 05, 2023

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