Cheyenne voters will decide whether or not to change the city's form of government during a special election on November 10.

In an effort to make sure voters are well informed when they head to the polls, the Cheyenne League of Women Voters will hold a forum at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 6, in the Cheyenne City Council Chambers.

Marguerite Herman, who serves on the Cheyenne League of Women Voters membership team, says the purpose of the forum is to discuss the pros and cons of the current strong mayor form of government and the proposed city administrator form.

"There are pretty interesting arguments on both sides," said Herman. "I know the Chamber of Commerce will say how the current system is very flawed, very inefficient, how it tends to cronyism and favoritism, not that that's the way we do it now, but it allows for that to happen. Whereas, if you have a professional administrator it's not going to happen."

Herman encourages everybody to vote, but says people need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both sides before they cast their ballot.

"Do people understand that they elect three members from their own ward depending on where they live and do they understand that the mayor has so much power?" said Herman. "Currently, things are heavily weighted in favor of the executive branch. This is going to pretty much shift that to the legislative branch and the mayor will still sit with the governing body and vote, so he'll have veto power, but he will have very few appointment powers and it's going to put all of those things in the hands of a trained professional administrator."

Those who can't make it to the ballot box on November 10 can vote absentee.

"You can either call the county clerk or go in in person and say I want to vote absentee," said Herman. "They'll send a ballot to your house. You fill it out, mail it back and it has to be received by 7:00 p.m. on election day."

If backed by voters, the city administrator would start in January 2017.

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