CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — The Federal Election Commission has raised concern about missing campaign finance information submitted by one of Wyoming's Republican congressional candidates.

The Federal Election Commission told state Sen. Leland Christensen in May his first-quarter campaign finance report neglected to disclose the employers and job titles of several donors including Christensen's campaign treasurer, Ogden Driskill.

Driskill is a state senator and rancher in the Devils Tower area.

The FEC requested additional information and Christensen's campaign resubmitted its first-quarter report. The resubmitted report and the campaign's second-quarter report still omitted the occupations of Driskill and others including state Sen. Drew Perkins, a Casper attorney; and state Sen. Curt Meier, of LaGrange, who works in his family's agribusiness.

Christensen says a Virginia firm is handling his reports and he was unaware of the problems.

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