After closing last month due to restrictions implemented to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, Casper burger establishment Mouthful announced Thursday that it will not reopen for business.

In a Facebook post, management said the COVID-19 crisis had taken a toll, and the business will not be able to reopen at Gruner Brothers Brewing.

However, owner Tyler Wood told K2 Radio News on Thursday that he plans to get the business into a smaller location and start over again in order to operate as a standalone restaurant.

"I did it once from scratch we can do it again as a team," Wood said via Facebook Messenger.

Gruner Brothers Brewing commented on Mouthful's Facebook post and wished them well.

"Tyler and Crew, it was great working with you all. This situation is beyond understanding you all will be missed in our Taproom. We wish and hope the best for you all," Gruner Brothers said.

Wood detailed the reasoning behind his decision to not reopen at the taproom.

"The toll it took on me was catastrophic with taking on such a huge move just nine months before all of this took place," Wood said. He called it a "huge gamble" to move into such a large facility and kitchen.

"With the pandemic coming upon us our numbers dropped significantly," Wood said via Facebook Messenger, explaining that the lost revenue created maintenance difficulties.

"Now with being closed and having so much loss starting back over at such a large facility I just can't afford to jump back in it like it used to," Wood continued. It's simply too difficult to cover the costs for staffing, food and other overhead in the wake of the lengthy closure," he explained.

Wood says he hopes to have Mouthful back up and running by the end of the summer.

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