The City of Casper will soon start its search for a new city manager.  And as Ktwo radio's, Karen Snyder, finds out, his colleagues are still absorbing the fact...

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The Mayor of the City of Casper says he's still in  shock at the news that City Manager, Tom Forslund,  has taken a new job.

Even though Forslund let him in on the possibility last week that he would likely be going to Cheyenne to take over as head of the Wyoming Department of Health,  Mayor Paul Bertoglio, says he's still adjusting to the news and will be sad to see his friend go.

"He's done just an outstanding job for not only the city organization, but Casper as a whole.  I'm gonna miss his friendship, his leadership,  but I've got to applaud the Governor for picking Tom."

Bertoglio says Forslund is a great choice for someone to take up the challenge of managing one of the most complex departments in the state.  He says he's  sure that they'll be utilizing Forslund's knowledge over the next 60 days as they move into a replacement process...

"I don't believe we can do it in 60 days, but whose knows... We're not gonna lose Tom, I mean,  one nice part about being a small state is we can still have conversations."

He says Forslund has placed an outstanding staff around him and he doesn't anticipate any noticeable changes in the way the city is run with everyone continuing to function at a high level.