The 10th Annual Casper Marathon is slated to get underway in the early morning hours of  Sunday, June 3rd. The Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay starting line is at the Casper Events Center. The finish line for the Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay will be at the host hotel, the Casper Ramada Plaza Riverside. Race organizer Eric Easton joined us to talk about the race.

Registrations are taken all the way up to 7PM on June 2nd and can also be filled out online HERE.

Schedule for race day looks like this;

Information and Help Center inside the Casper Events Center opens at 5:00 a.m. MDT.

Shuttle bus to start line from will run beginning at 5:00 a.m.

Course Instruction and announcements, 6:20 a.m., Start line(NO EARLY STARTS)

Marathon, and Marathon Relay Start, 6:30 a.m., Casper Events Center

Half Marathon start at 6:45 a.m. Casper Events Center

Wheelchair Start, 6:15 a.m.

Finish Line Closes, 12:30 p.m. (6 hour time limit)

Marathon & Half Marathon Awards Ceremony, 12:00 p.m. (finish line area)

Post-race Party! Ramada Restaurant and Lounge (located inside the Ramada Plaza Riverside)

3:00 p.m.

The course starts at the Casper Events Center. Ample parking is available at the Events Center, or for intrepid souls wanting a warm up walk, the Casper Ramada Plaza Riverside finish line is 120 feet and a half mile below. A shuttle bus will run between the Event Center and the Host hotel before the marathon.

The starting line is located just beyond the statue of city namesake Caspar Collins, the U.S. Calvary officer killed in an Indian battle in May, 1865. The route proceeds along Events Drive, then turns north onto East Road. Turn left on East Road past the East Road/ Amoco Road aid station at mile .75 onto Amoco Road, and up a slight uphill stretch. The next left puts you on North Poplar to the Poplar/Events Drive aid station at mile 2.5. The course turns back on Events Drive and the East Road/Amoco Road aid station at mile 4.0. Turn right on Amoco Road leads to a rolling stretch to Bryan Stock Trail road at mile 5. This section of the course drops 120 feet to the Platte River, and the Platte River Parkway aid station at mile 6.

The remainder of the Marathon follows the Platte River Parkway, and the recreational trails at the Platte River Commons.The softball field bridge at mile 6.5 is the second of nine river crossings. The next mile and one half runs through Crossroads Park.At mile 8 the Crossroads Aid station is adjacent to the Crossroads Adventure Park. The trail passes behind the outfield fence of Mike Lansing Baseball Fields. Runners pass the finish area at the Ramada Plaza Riverside and jog back across the Platte at mile 10.7. From this point on the course is out and back.

After crossing the Platte River and looping beneath the interstate,the course parallels the Platte River at Mile 8.5/25.8. A loop under First Street leads to another crossing of the Platte River to the Jonah Bank. The Amoco Park aid station is at mile 10.2/24.4. This part of the course parallels the Casper Whitewater Park. The course continues to the Town of Mills 1st Street Park aid station at mile 11.6/19.7. The course crosses Southwest Wyoming Blvd. at Mile 12.5/18.8, and across the Platte River one last time on the outbound loop.

The next aid station is at Morad Park, mile 13.7/17.3. The trail leaves the river and goes up a short, but steep, little hill to Magnolia Street at mile 15/16.8. A gradual downhill leads to the turnaround point on Paradise Valley Park aid station at Mile 16.

The return trip follows the same route back to the Pump House, where runners turn right across the bridge to the Platte River Commons Business Park trail system. The trail loops around the Business Park and Three Crowns Golf Course. The Railroad Bridge Aid Station is at Mile 21.8, and the Three Crowns Golf Course aid station is at mile 23.5. Runners return across the Tate Pump House Bridge and turn right to the Amoco Park aid station at mile 24.7. Follow the trail past the Casper Ramada Plaza Riverside sign and across the finish line.

For additional information CLICK HERE.

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