A Casper man was arrested early Monday after officers assisted a detective with a search warrant and reportedly found meth, some 50 used syringes and other drug paraphernalia.

Eric James Griffin, 23, was booked into jail on a charge of meth possession. He will likely make his initial appearance in Natrona County Circuit Court at 2 p.m. Monday.

Charging papers say officers and a detective arrived at a home on Gannett Drive at about 3 a.m. Monday, and officers secured the residence while waiting for a judge to grant a search warrant.

During a protective sweep of the home, an officer reportedly saw a used syringe in plain view on the upstairs bathroom floor.

After the search warrant was granted, police searched the home and allegedly found a significant amount of methamphetamine paraphernalia.

In an upstairs bedroom, police found about 50 used syringes, a lightbulb pipe and straw tooter each with suspected meth residue, a metal pipe with burnt residue and unspecified additional paraphernalia.

Police say they also found a bank card and bank deposit slip for Griffin.

In the other upstairs bedroom, police allegedly found five Crown Royal bags and an ammunition can containing miscellaneous ammunition, a used syringe and a spoon with suspected methamphetamine residue.

Court documents and mail belonging to a 22-year-old man were found as well, police say.

In the upstairs bathroom, officers allegedly found two used syringes and two more Crown Royal bags.

Field tests returned presumptive positive results on the suspected meth pipe and spoons.

Griffin was arrested and taken to jail.

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