A Fort Washakie man appeared in Natrona County District Court this morning for a sentencing hearing.

Hedoduyeahpua "Hedo" Thayer was sentenced to four- to- five years in prison by Judge Catherine Wilking for alleged involvement in a drug ring.

Thayer's Public Defender argued that Thayer was not a big player involved, dealing ounces of methamphetamine and not pounds. The attorney said that he believed the prosecution was "way, way off" by recommending imposed prison time and urged Wilking to consider a probation sentence instead.

"The big players in this were the big players," said the defense. "There's always users caught in the wake and they turn into dealers."

Wilking asked Thayer if he had anything he would like to say.

Thayer spoke for about ten minutes, both owning up to the crime and apologizing. He stated that he has spent more of his adult life inside prison than outside and "is still learning to be a person."

The judge stated that it was a struggle to wrap her hands around the conspiracy because it came to the court on an indictment from the Federal Grand Jury, thereby they did not have detailed information from the investigation about the various players like they would in other instances.

"I appreciate very much the statements you made to the court," said Wilking.

Considering the other co-defendants and the plea agreements that were made with them, she sentenced Thayer to four- to- five years with 312 days credit for time served.

Two of the co-defendants have had trials in District Court already.

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