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Oh my dear Mother. Nothing seems to call to her more than a steak. With Mother’s Day upon us, she expressed a desire to carve on some cow. The quasi doting child I am, I relented and took her to her favorite steak haunt; Poor Boys Steakhouse.

Arriving with the family and customary flowers in tow, I easily found a parking space directly across the street from the entrance. I was however facing my age old nemesis, narrow spots. I don’t drive a lifted and jacked, dually 1 ton. I drive a very standard ½ ton truck with no girth adding changes. Despite the normal vehicle, I cannot fit it into a Poor Boys parking space and open the doors far enough to exit.

Sucking in my wholly earned paunch, I slipped from the vehicle and made my way to the door. Once inside, a pleasant young man greeted us and quickly led us to our seats. Comfortable cushions and warm decorations were our welcome companions. Drinks were ordered and menus distributed. As our remaining guests arrived, the wait staff quickly led them to the correct table and outfitted them with their own drinks.

The menu was typical steakhouse fare presented with a Wyoming style flare. I noticed the menus themselves were extremely worn out and torn along the seams. The heavy paper certainly needed some kind of protection to withstand the repetitive use of a busy restaurant. Being the word of the day, all of the table ordered their favorite style of steak and desired sides. The waiter was efficient and took care to understand our individual orders and some of the oddities required for feeding the young palates at the table.

With order in kitchen, we conversed casually while perusing our surroundings. The restaurant had a country motif coupled with a modern styling. It was on the verge of being too much, but we all easily handled and even enjoyed it. The restaurant appeared clean and the restrooms were comfortable. Some of the carpet and other furnishings seemed used to the point of worn, but in general it was clear that somebody was taking the time to update and repair infrastructure.

With very few minutes to snoop, a large tray was weaving across the dining floor and heading toward our table. It was evident that there was no delay in our order being started as delivery took place in almost the exact amount of time it took to physically cook the meat. The server placed the plates accurately and efficiently. One of our party members had an incorrect side dish. Within just a few minutes of reporting the error, a fresh and correct replacement was sitting on the table. The server owned up to his mistake and took care of it quickly. This was a welcome change from the service I have seen so many times in our town.

Presented before us was a veritable feast of various beef cuts. There was enough steak on the table to put this eater into a coma or a vegan into a conniption. I ravenously cut into my rib-eye and began to masticate publically. I was happy, but not ecstatic. The beef was cooked as per my order and was seasoned correctly. My problem was the actual cut if beef itself. I found portions of it tough and chewy and others overly fatty. I would still classify the steak as good, but not great. Sides such as potatoes and fries were plentiful and yummy.

As we continued to eat, our meat filled minds turned toward sugary desserts. There were special selections for the occasion and all of us ordered to our hearts content. The timing was perfected by the staff so that dessert arrived within minutes of our main course being cleared from the table. Most were the generic fare offered by a majority of eateries, but all were executed very well.

Full bellies and slaked hunger, we all sat around picking our teeth and relishing the feeling. As final morsels were picked from the remaining plates, our check was brought to the table. While not the cheapest meal I have ever reviewed, it was easily manageable considering the amount of food we were served. It is well within the price of similar restaurants in town. Perhaps mother is onto something.

Because of a warm, comfortable environment, I happily rate this place an 8 out of 10 perfectly cooked steaks. I deducted based upon the quality of the beef and the worn nature of the furnishings. Honorable mention to the staff who was very polite and accommodating.

The eater will be back for future visits.

8/10 Rating

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Poor Boys Steakhouse

739 N. Center Street
Casper, WY 82601
(307) 237-8325

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