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As a blue collar schlub who works on the west side of Casper, I am always on the lookout for somewhere new and exciting to eat that doesn’t take me far from the shop. I had been looking at Galloway’s Pub (attached to ElMarko bowling) for some time yet had never been able to drop in for some eats. With a clear lunch schedule and a stomach who thought my throat had been cut, another member of the critic crew and I dove for the door of this relatively new eatery.

Arriving in the ample parking lot, we were greeted with enough space to park in any configuration we could imagine. Remember that song “Give me 50 acres and I’ll turn this rig around”? Well, he was singing about this lot. With visions of C.W. McCall and Bobby Bare dancing in our heads, we set the air brakes, chalked the wheels and did our best impressions of both as we walked in.

Burger and Chips from Galloway's Irish Pub in Casper

Reaching the door, I noticed a sign that gives the all too familiar “must be 21 to enter” warning. Being WELL past 21, I paid it no mind. However, eaters with small children should take note. As our eyes adjusted to the light and the door closed behind us, we awaited instructions from the staff. We must have looked like we just drove over Wolf Creek Pass in our 1942 Peterbuilt (I have got to get off this C.W. kick) because nobody approached us. Looking for a sign telling us to either seat ourselves or wait for directions to a table, proved futile. Some staff members behind the counter did offer up a friendly “howdy”, but little else. Having no fear and empty bellies, we shot the line and went for broke toward the nearest table. It wasn’t long before we were given menus and our drink order was taken.

Looking at the menu, we saw all sorts of the standard bar style comfort food; Burgers, dogs, sandwiches. Just the genre of meal we were wanting. I ordered a good ol’ American burger and bratwurst while my teams partner ordered a club sandwich. The waitress took our order efficiently, but appeared very stoic and with little emotion. Perhaps she was having a bad day, or maybe she was just tired. I can’t fault her for either, but a simple bubbly “Hi, how ya’ doin?” would have set us more at ease.

With order rolling toward the kitchen, I took a minute to look around. Being new, I expected the building to be clean and modern. I was not disappointed. Several large televisions hung from the walls showing everything from sports talk to daytime judge drama. It was a pleasant gift to not have sports crammed down my throat from every angle. Nothing worse than ten T.V.s in a dining room, all showing the same sports highlights of the past week. We could hear the gentle crashing of pins as we realized that we were quite close to the actual lanes. Bowling at noon? Who am I to judge?

Our food arrived a short time later, effectively but with little flair. As the plates were set before us, we both smiled. The presentation was great!!! Burgers piled with accessories and sandwiches stacked to the ceiling. We devoured away like a couple of truckers fighting over a CB radio. While my good buddy really enjoyed his club, I was a little cooler to my burger and brat. While certainly edible, it seemed to lack flavor. A smattering of salt and pepper helped however. I also found my tortilla chips to be stale tasting. Maybe most folks order their burgers with fries instead of chips. Whatever the situation, I found the burger decent but not stellar.

Once completely stuffed, we lamented the fact that we would probably fail our next weigh station. Suddenly imparting the name of Mavis to our waitress, I asked for a cup of coffee to go and a treat for my dog. I assume that her crusty look stemmed from not knowing this obscure song and thereby not getting the joke. I could not help myself so I made yet another comment about having to go cut the fog. She looked out the door to the bright sunny exterior and rolled her eyes. *Groan* I thought. The youth of today does not know this fine subset of American music.

Ticket was paid and we rolled slowly toward to door. Once outside we casually discussed the meal while firing the rig up. We both agreed that we would be back despite being served by crispy critters.

Because of cleanliness, polite staff, and a great meal presentation, I give this old home fill’er up café a solid 7.25 out of 10. I deducted based upon food flavor and at a few points we had an excessive wait. The lack of signage when we entered was a little grumble moment for me. Also, CLEARLY I made reference to C.W. McCall and his music. I grew up listening to his songs and doubt very much that my reading demographic will fully get the innuendo and jokes. Prove me wrong readers!

7/10 Rating

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Galloways Irish Pub

2800 CY Ave.
Casper, WY 82601
(307) 237-9558

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