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You know those days that never seem to end --- when you think you're done with all the running around and errands on your list, then suddenly several more pop into your head? It's days like this when the growly monster in your belly is gnawing on your fat stores and you just have to say, "Forget it - I've got to eat!"

That's the type of day it was when two of my fellow plodders and I decided to stop and eat at the Platte River Restaurant in Casper, located on 'E' Street just near I-25. It was early evening on a weeknight, so there weren't many people there, and we were seated immediately. We didn't want fast food, but due to yet another pending appointment, we wanted good food fast. We were seated in a nearly empty dining room, right next to the only other patrons, which was somewhat annoying. I realize it makes fewer steps for the server, but even the separation of one booth would have been nice, just for privacy sake. Our drink orders were taken and delivered quickly. The décor is a little kitschy and tured with the fishing theme, but in acute kind of way. My fellow diners and I found it was cozy and homey feeling. The place was clean and comfortable, as was the restroom I visited later on.  I was also very pleased to see no smoking signs prominently displayed all over the place.  Anybody who has read my work for any length of time will know how much I appreciate a “non smoking” environment, Kudos to Platte River for that decision! Also,they must have done something to the old smoking section, because there was no smoke smell - Double Kudos!

The menu was simple, but diverse. There were a number of items in each of many down home food categories like burgers, salads, meat and potatoes,chicken, soups and breakfasts - - - nothing flashy or ostentatious, just homestyle-cooked food. We each ordered, and our meals arrived within 15 minutes. The server was very polite and efficient, and attended to all customers very well. Our food was hot, well-cooked, plentiful and very filling, and above all most satisfying. Entrees ranged from $6.00 to$10.00, and seemed like pretty fair prices for the quantity of food. The fish had three good sized pieces, piping hot with a crisp batter crust served with plenty of homemade tartar sauce. There were many options to choose from for sides, and the server was very agreeable if a substitution was requested.

I would happily award this place a 7 out of 10 fish on the stringer, good food, fast, fairly priced.  I deducted merely because of the nature of this eatery.  Not high style, chef designed entrees.  This is made my line type cooks and may require a little salting here and there.  Also, the “seasoned” design of the interior which is functional and catches the eye, but is also sun faded and showing it’s age.By the time we were done,we were all tired and could have napped easily, but that was not to be, for a while anyway. As we drove out of the parking lot on to our next stop, weall said, "That was a great idea - that was just what I needed". Hmmmmmm .. . (scratching chin mischievously) perhaps we have discovered a place we will visit more frequently, especially when we want good food fast!

7/10 Rating

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Platte River Restaurant

321 East E Street
Casper, WY 82601
(307) 266-6007

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