After hoping for a new building-even having plans drawn up- the folks at Casper's Chamber of Commerce are switching gears.

For the time being, they'll make minor investments to the current space,  sprucing it up and making it more functional.

Executive Director, Robin Mundell says with too many unknowns regarding their future location, it's the way to go.

"The Chamber of Commerce operates as the front door to the community and we are the ones that the visitors come to. We are the ones that when you walk in our front door, we really did not present our best foot forward."

Mundell says it will be an inexpensive face lift, just over $40 thousand.

She says they'll rearrange the interior, opening it up so when visitors come in its comfortable, staff are easy to access, and they can get the information they need in a welcoming environment.

Exterior refurbishment she says, will follow in the spring.



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