Consolidating ownership and easements to the Bridle Trail at Rotary Park is given momentum by a Recreation Joint Powers Board Grant to Natrona County.

County Commissioner, Bill McDowell, says a $215,000 grant will make possible land and easement acquisition along with installation of significant fencing.

"We continue on with the process of consolidating the land ownership up there so we can put some money into the trail itself, put some signage in there, delineate the trails so that they don't move in the future, protect the natural environment."

McDowell says some of the work will be done this summer when the Rotary Club of Casper hires the Wyoming Conservation Corp to spend a week on trail maintenance in late July.

McDowell says a majority of the land acquisition will be on the east side of the canyon. Easement negotiations continue with property owners on the west side.

He says ultimately the trail should retain its circular route going up one side of Garden Creek and down the other.