It's time for the opening ceremonies of the Games of the XXX Olympiad also known as London 2012. With the opening ceremonies tonight and the possible lighting of the torch by the Queen Of England, it got me reminiscing about the last time we had the Olympics close to home.
The year was 2002 and the Winter Olympics were in Salt Lake City, literally just down the road. As the opening day approached so did the torch run. As the torch run made its way around the United States, a selection process was in place for torch bearers to be a part of the event.
Local nominations were taken for people to be included in the run. I was blessed with 12 nominations that were made to include me in the run and i was also selected to light the cauldron at the local gathering at the Casper Recreation Center.
After a bus ride with a number of other runners, i was dropped off 1/3 of a mile short of the event and had to run the distance to the stage. I don't think my feet touched the ground once. What a feeling to come into the area surrounded by thousands of cheering folks from the area and from around the world who were following the path of the torch on it's way to Salt Lake.
After a brief ceremony the Olympic flame was off to it's next destination and i was left with a host of memories, as well as a few physical reminders, including my uniform and the torch that i carried that day. I have included some pics here.