He tried to do a hard task and did it selflessly. That from Converse County Sheriff, Clint Becker, as he remembered Deputy, Bryan Gross, who drowned during a river rescue operation last week.

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At a press conference Monday afternoon Sheriff, Clint Becker, said Deputy Bryan Gross and his law enforcement dog, Gus, had  just completed their team training.

"We we're really proud to have Bryan and Gus. They had a local event here at the park not too long ago and Bryan took Gus up there. The reception to Gus was just overwhelming by the people, the kids and the adults. That was really nice to see. He was a big asset to our department."

On Sunday morning search teams finally located the body of the missing deputy who had entered the North Platte River in Douglas during the rescue operation of a teenage girl. When Deputy Gross came up missing at the end of the operation the second search and rescue began. Rescue operations included swift water divers, dogs teams including Gus, water craft and helicopter. Becker says the helicopters played a key role, "by the way that the helicopter pilots operate the rotors and the rotor wash, that lifts a lot of debris and branches away from the edge of the river. There's a lot of hangover. So your in a boat and you may not be able to get close to shore, because the branches are laying over the water. When the helicopter goes over, the air blows underneath the branches, lifts them up and you can see real good. That was very helpful."

Because the drowning is still under investigation the Sheriff was limited on the details he provided about the actual recovery, though Becker says the body was located by searchers in water craft. A memorial service is planned for 11am this Saturday with full honors at the Douglas High School auditorium.

Donations to the family of the fallen deputy can be made at the Converse County Bank, 322 Walnut Street, Douglas, 82633