At a press conference in Douglas Monday morning the Converse County Sheriff shared some details about the deputy who lost his life in an effort to save another.

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"Pretty honorable in how he did his job. I think he was doing the best job he could, above and beyond."

That's how Converse County Sheriff, Clint Becker, described Deputy, Bryan Gross, who died last week during a river rescue operation. Becker says the deputy was a good swimmer and had removed his belt and vest before entering the waters of the North Platte as a standard safety precaution.

At this point in the investigation its assumed he was carried away by the swift waters.

Becker says it's his understanding that the girl who was the focus of the original rescue was unharmed. He says the large rescue operation that followed for Deputy Gross was well coordinated.

"Wyoming Game and Fish was exceptional in assisting us, they always are. We had people donating boats.  Search and rescue owns some water craft. They made  sure after they come to shore, after working in the water,  that rescue teams get proper attention. The people in the water, especially, if they start showing signs of hypothermia we have them checked out."

He cited numerous ways the community poured out its support,  "steady people bringing in food, water. We had a gentleman donate his boat who wasn't even in the state. He called up and said , 'I have this special boat that works in the river. Go to my garage, use it. And it was very instrumental in assisting us. He said 'I have an airplane in my garage go use it.'"

Becker says, as per normal procedure, the Natrona County Sheriffs office has been asked to complete an investigation surrounding the events of the drowning.

A memorial service with full honors will take place at the Douglas High School Auditorium on Saturday, August 6th, 11 a.m.

Donations to the family of the fallen deputy can be made at the Converse County bank, 322 Walnut Street, Douglas, 82633.

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