In spite of the near-by demolition and construction, the Nicolaysen Art Museum in Casper is still open to its patrons. Destruction before creation:

"The new owner of what used to be the KC Apartments has been working for a couple of weeks on tearing that down and at the same time the city has been doing road, much needed granted but, road repair on Collins and Kimball, right here in front of our building and on the east side."

Nicolaysen Communications Director Clay Anthony says there is a way to the parking lot on the west side.

The best route to visit:

"Probably the best approach for folks who want to swing by and catch things is down Beech Street south, from Second, as though you were coming from downtown."

Mr. Anthony said they estimate a month or so for the street repair to be finished. In the meantime, if people want to see the exhibit from the permanent collection, they'll need to visit soon.

Serendipity exhibit's final days:

"Well, we still have our fabulous quilt exhibit up. And our other major exhibit, which is Serendipity, it's pieces from our permanent collection, it actually closes on Monday, so if folks want to see it, they to get over here in the next few days. And we're clearing it out to make room for all the pieces that are going to be in our Sensational Small Works showcase and sale."

The Sensational Small Works go on display April 22nd, with the works to benefit the museum with an auction May 6th.