HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Just over three months after the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut lawmakers have approved sweeping new limits. One provision calls for the creation of the nation's first dangerous weapon offender registry. The bipartisan legislation cleared Connecticut's Senate on Wednesday. House lawmakers met into the morning.

DENVER (AP) — Officers in Colorado and beyond have been alerted to watch for two known associates of a white supremacist prison gang called the 211 Crew. A parolee who had been a member is suspected of killing Colorado's prison chief and a pizza delivery man. That parolee, Evan Ebel, was killed in a shootout in Texas. The gun recovered from the scene was linked to the death of the prisons official.

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. (AP) — A suspect is in custody for fatally shooting a West Virginia sheriff. Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum was shot while in a spot in the town of Williamson where he usually parked his car for lunch. He had been a crusader against the drug trade in West Virginia's coalfields. The suspect was wounded by a deputy who arrested him.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea's defense minister says North Korea has moved a missile with "considerable range" to its east coast. But the official says the missile is not capable of hitting the United States. Experts say North Korea has not demonstrated that it has missiles capable of long range or accuracy.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's military says militants in the Gaza Strip have fired rockets at the southern Israel. A military spokesman says one rocket exploded in Israel causing no injuries while the others exploded prematurely inside Gaza.

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