Steve Jobs, long time Apple CEO, has died at the age of 56. He was an inspiration to many young creatives, creating hardware and the applications that make our world at home and in the office interesting.

Shaun Houck owns Adbay in Casper and considers Jobs  a  role model.

Houck  says there wouldn't be creative agencies like his without some of the innovations from Apple.

"At Adbay we've got iMacs on our desks, we've go iPhones, we've got iPods, we've got Mac Minis that are serving up advertising content in the movie theatres around the state. We've got this seamless Apple environment. We've got iPads. I mean everything is just kind of together. It's just one environment and it works together, which is cool."

Houck says Jobs was really good at unlocking the potential of a device, "He was just so good at seeing what was going to be important in our lives, how we lived our lives, and how technology could mesh seamlessly into our lives without a whole learning process. My two year old can use an iPhone. She knows how to find an App, open it, play with it and get out of it and find another App. That's crazy."

Steve Jobs passed away Wednesday from pancreatic cancer. Jobs is survived by his wife and four children.