On Monday a complaint was filed against the state of Wyoming by abortion providers, Chelsea's Fund, and several Wyoming residents seeking to temporarily block the enforcement of the state’s abortion trigger ban.

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The ban, which is set to take effect Wednesday, would ban all abortions in the state with exceptions for rape, incest, and when medically necessary, following the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade in June.

Some of the plaintiffs, in this case, include Danielle Johnson, a resident of Teton County who is 22 weeks pregnant, Kathleen Dow, a conservative Jew whose faith requires abortion access, Dr. Giovannina Anthony and Dr. Rene Hinkle, two Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist, and the Wellspring Health Access Clinic in Casper.

The filing states that enforcing the abortion ban will create a number of challenges for women in Wyoming including increased economic insecurity, exacerbate poor health care outcomes, and decreasing the number of doctors that will work in Wyoming.

The plaintiffs are arguing that the abortion ban violates the Wyoming Constitution’s guarantee of the right to health care access, in addition to other provisions.

One such provision, under Article 1 Section 38, provides "Each competent adult shall have the right to make his or her own health care decisions. The parent, guardian, or legal representative of any other natural person shall have the right to make health care decisions for that person."

However, that section also states "The legislature may determine reasonable and necessary restrictions on the rights granted under this section to protect the health and general welfare of the people or to accomplish the other purposes set forth in the Wyoming Constitution."

It is unclear what the outcome of the case in Wyoming will be or whether the courts will halt the implementation of the abortion ban as was the case in Utah and Louisiana.

John Robinson, an attorney with Robinson Welch Bramlet LLC, the firm representing the plaintiffs in the case, said he doesn't have a comment to provide at this time.

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