Sheep Herder Hill Fire

Sheep Herder Hill Fire Still Under Investigation
Natrona County fire investigators say they've yet to determine an exact cause of last summer's Sheep Herder Hill Fire.
The fire scorched 15,556 acres atop Casper Mountain between Sept. 9 and Sept. 16 of 2012.
Fire inspector Dave Baker says the Natrona County Fire District is still looking fo…
Fire Spares Crimson Dawn Park, Vandals Don’t
Crimson Dawn Park on Casper Mountain suffered more from vandalism this summer than from fire damage.
Crimson Dawn Association President, Phil Pike, says he'd heard about the vandalism before heading up to check fire damage after the Sheep Herder Hill Fire...
All ‘Sheep Herder Hill’ Fire Evacuation Orders Lifted
All evacuations on Casper Mountain since the start of the Sheep Herder Hill fire have now been lifted. Officials with Natrona County Emergency Management say all land owners now have access to their property without escort. The fire destroyed 37 cabins and homes, and damaged dozens of outbuildings..…
Property Owners Get Escort In To View Damage
The 36  cabin or home owners who lost properties in the Sheep Herder Hill Fire were told they'd have a chance to be escorted in briefly on Saturday.
"So folks that have destroyed structures can start looking at their places and start making a game plan as far as clean up and recove…
Wildfire Benefits Significant For Flora And Fauna
No significant dispersal of wildlife off of Casper Mountain have been documented due to the Sheepherder Hill Fire.
"Most of the wildlife that occupy Rocky Mountain ecosystems have evolved and can adapt to fire. So generally speaking, they're pretty good at avoiding wildfire...

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