Crimson Dawn Park on Casper Mountain suffered more from vandalism this summer than from fire damage.

Crimson Dawn Association President, Phil Pike, says he'd heard about the vandalism before heading up to check fire damage after the Sheep Herder Hill Fire.

"It was lucky that the fire kind of skirted around the edge of the forest and missed most of the park. It did kind of hit the hill and get alot of the brush and open area around the park, but for the most part Crimson Dawn was spared."

Pike, who also plays the role of the Blind Minstrel, sits each June 21st with the Cardinal Witch whose shrine on the butte was destroyed by the fire.

As for the vandalism, he says the worst was destruction of the deer that accompany the elves, Branch, Root, and Twig. Also the Tin Owl sculpture was knocked off its base. Four shrines in total were damaged by vandals. He says they'll be looking for help to get things put back together by next summer. If you'd like to help with a monetary donations they can be sent to the Crimson Dawn Association at P.O. Box 2988, Mills, Wyoming, 82604.