No significant dispersal of wildlife off of Casper Mountain have been documented due to the Sheepherder Hill Fire.

"Most of the wildlife that occupy Rocky Mountain ecosystems have evolved and can adapt to fire. So generally speaking, they're pretty good at avoiding wildfire. The one on Casper mountain was just kind of scary cause of how fast it moved."

Justin Binfet, Casper regional wildlife management coordinator says with the much larger Arapaho Fire south of Laramie Peak they did see size-able movements of Elk.

Binfet says there aren't many elk on top of the mountain and most of the deer are already in the foothills.

He says while the loss of property due to the fire is tragic for humans, wildfires remain an important event for healthy ecosystems like the pine forests and aspen stands on top of Casper Mountain. He says, the benefits to the animal and plant world far outweigh the impacts.