Mayor Paul Bertoglio

Council Shelves New Full Retail Liquor License
Casper City Council decided to shelve its new full retail liquor license for the time being. At the work session Monday afternoon, Mayor Paul Bertoglio admitted the decision merely kicks down the road the question of how to issue the valuable license...
Politics of the Casper Liquor License [AUDIO]
A change in state law July 1st increases the number of bar and grill licenses available in Casper from 5 to 8 and the city's also grown into another full retail license.
How to distribute and regulate them is under discussion by Casper city council.
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Casper Considers Convention Center Proposals
Proposals for a new convention center for Casper are being considered this week.  Casper City Council got four respondents to a request for proposal that went out in April. Of those, Mayor Paul Bertoglio says they're interested in two. Both respondents, he says, have local ties and strong hospitalit…
Forslund Gets Surprise Mayoral Sendoff [AUDIO]
Fifteen former city of  Casper Mayor's  dropped by to say goodbye to city manager, Tom Forslund at Tuesday evening's city council meeting.
Rita Walsh stood in for her husband Tom Walsh and with the current Mayor present it was a crowded stage.
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