Casper City Council says they'll take the lead in starting a public conversation on banning the open carry of weapons at public meetings.


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Casper City Council made the decision to bring forward a proposed ordinance change for public hearing likely some time in November.

"There's a least a strong concern with council that this issue be addressed whether it's by us or more importantly at the legislative level where it encompasses all communities throughout the state."

Casper Mayor, Paul Bertoglio, suggests the action is meant as a gesture in hopes that state legislators are listening. Council wants to see open carry and concealed carry laws brought into line.

Currently concealed weapons are not allowed at public meetings and are banned from the legislative chambers in Cheyenne. Casper City Council wants the same restrictions for open carry of weapons. Bertoglio says they want to bring the ordinance forward for at least one public hearing.

"In essence we put the issue out there and instead of having it at the next meeting for second reading we can table it for a month, two months. We've done it with other issues. It gives us an opportunity to hear from the public what their concerns are and what their views are."

City Councilors in support of the idea describe it as 'giving a nudge' to legislators to address the issue at the state level.