Money doesn't grow on trees, true, but there is a kind of free money available to small business owners. The Natrona County Public Library will be offering the presentation, Free Money: Fact or Fiction? Monday evening at 6:30 in the Crawford Room.

Financing fact from fiction:

"You know when somebody is starting a business, or running a business, there can be those promises out there saying, 'Oh, there's free money from the government, or there's grants you can get for this.' In this workshop we're going to be doing, will kind of help business owners to have a good idea of what's true, what's not, what are real financing options that you can use for your business, and of course, ways to get ahead, as well."

Brenda Thomson, spokeswoman for the library, says the event is free but attendees need to call and pre-register.

Pre-register to attend:

"This program is actually going to be presented by the Wyoming Small Business Administration and the Small Business Development Center, so they'll be giving a good overview of financing options that you have, and then also the resources you can use from their departments to get yourself started."

To pre-register you can the library at 577-7323, 577-READ, extension 2.