The Natrona County Public Library just installed an exhibit of Wyoming artists. Library Community Relations Coordinator Brenda Thomson said she helped in putting up the "Contemporary Art in Wyoming" exhibit Monday, and she thinks it's good.

Wyoming artists we can know:

"It's really neat, actually, and I think it's fun to have something up that's contemporary artists, people that you may be able to see new things coming out from in the next few years as you travel around the state."

When asked to clarify the term contemporary, Ms. Thomson said that just means the artists are still alive and producing art, and that the traveling exhibit from the University of Wyoming Art Museum features a range of art styles.

Contemporary versus modern art:

"It means being produced by our peers. There's actually a good range of different kinds of art that are represented in this exhibit, which is pretty interesting to see the wide range that's going on just in our contemporary period right now."

And because these are living, Wyoming artists, you may see more of their work.

Contemporary in many styles:

"The one thing that I really liked about the exhibit is that it actually says where each artist comes from, so if it is somebody from here in town, you could maybe go and look for places that might have more of their stuff, so it's kind of a well put together exhibit. I think that's really good."

The Contemporary Art exhibit will show during regular library hours and be on display until February 16th.