It stands to reason that if there is a disaster or major event, emergency responders may not be immediately available, and basic services may also break down, so people need to be prepared. This is why the Natrona County Public Library is offering a disaster preparedness workshop Saturday afternoon, says Brenda Thomson, community relations coordinator for the library.

Emergency responders:

"Well they're going to be talking to us about how emergency management, like fire and the government and police, will respond to a crisis situation, what order we can expect things to happen in, and how to create our own personal disaster plan or one for our family, and make sure we have a kit put together to get us through the first couple days after a major incident happens."

The disaster preparedness workshop will be taught by Jessica Gray and Lance Jones of Casper College, and will be held in the library's Crawford Room, 1 to 3 pm, Saturday. The workshop is FEMA and Homeland Security approved and free to the public.